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Ranking all GTA Online’s Career Builder Businesses from least to most useful

Ranking all GTA Online’s Career Builder Businesses from least to most useful

Career Builder is a feature on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S that includes one of four different Businesses that GTA Online players could choose. Nightclubs, Offices, Clubhouses, and Bunkers are the options. All four are pretty good and are something every player should get eventually. The only question is, which of the four is the most useful overall?

This article will look at each option and analyze what’s the most helpful option. Beginners should find this guide useful, yet remember there is some subjectivity regarding the best Career Builder Businesses in GTA Online.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

All Career Builder Businesses in GTA Online, ranked

4) Office

Official artwork for Office owners (Image via Rockstar Games)

Owning an Office in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online allows players to become CEOs instead of VIPs and have access to a Warehouse at the start of Career Builder. Eventually, players could also buy Vehicle Warehouses, which have the potential to make even more cash if the player invests time into them.

One downside of the Career Builder option is that players don’t get access to a regular Warehouse with a storage of 111 crates. The next best option has 42 crates as the maximum, which means players would have to do more Sell Missions compared to somebody who just slowly maxes out their Large Warehouse.

Besides that, the Office is pretty simple and not too helpful apart from grinding for good cash, especially for players who don’t like alternatives like GTA Online money glitches.

3) Clubhouses

Official art for Bikers (Image via Rockstar Games)

One unique thing about Clubhouses is that they allow players to purchase motorcycles that are no longer buyable from in-game websites when modifying some clients’ bikes. Additionally, owning a Clubhouse will enable players to do some missions and own MC Businesses.

Here are the MC Businesses from most helpful to least useful in GTA Online:

  • Cocaine Lockup
  • Meth Lab
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory
  • Weed Farm
  • Document Forgery Office

All these MC Businesses help contribute to the Nightclub Warehouse, although that’s irrelevant for comparing the two businesses against each other when deciding what to pick from Career Builder. The Cocaine Lockup, Meth Lab, and Weed Farm can also have products sold to Street Dealers, which is much easier than a standard Sell Mission.

2) Bunker

Official artwork for Gunrunners (Image via Rockstar Games)

Gunrunners who choose a Bunker in GTA Online can access an excellent Business with high-paying Sell Missions. That would be the primary reason to select a Bunker when looking at the Career Builder options. However, the Sell Missions are more challenging than other properties, so that’s something to remember.

Another significant aspect of the Bunker is that players can Research items at random. This will be very useful later in a playthrough but can be too costly for a beginner to fully utilize at the start of their run in GTA Online. They could let Research build up over time, but that will eat into how often they can do Sell Missions, effectively cutting profits.

Ammu-Nation Contracts are an easy way to get $50,000 and can be an excellent mission to grind for anybody who owns Bunkers. Ultimately, the Bunker is a perfect Career Builder option to consider.

1) Nightclub

Official art for Nightclub owners (Image via Rockstar Games)

Nightclubs offer the best Passive Income in GTA Online. Earning $50,000 every in-game day is excellent, especially since keeping Nightclub Popularity high is easy. The great thing about this Career Builder business is that players don’t have to do much to earn plenty of money, especially when playing solo.

Beginners who don’t want to grind Sell Missions repeatedly will love the ease of the Nightclub. There is also an AFK trick where you can idle infinitely outside in the garage menu, making this property the easiest to run for a new player. The Nightclub Warehouse cannot be used at first since you don’t own other Businesses, but it will become perfect for future Sell Missions as you progress in the game.

If you just started GTA Online and are waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6, this Career Builder guide will hopefully help you.

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